Struggling With Motivation


University has been difficult since I’ve returned from the Christmas break. I seemed to have lost all motivation to complete anything. I didn’t do any work over Christmas because of giving myself a break, myself and everyone around me being really sick and having around 4 days off work throughout the 3 weeks I was off.

I only have 5 months left at university. within this time I have do to complete my dissertation, create a up and running photograph website with promotion material and create part of a photography exhibition. With all the stress I should be feeling, I feel none. This is what is worrying me. I don’t want to get days before my deadlines and producing the work. I don’t know what to do to kick-start me back into getting into the swing of things.

I really hope this feeling is going to pass. May next week will help to give me the motivation I need to get through the last 5 months of university. Wish me luck!



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