A Night In Manchester.


On the 21st of Jan me and Corey went to Manchester for a date night to celebrate our 5 year anniversary of being together. It was honestly such a magical night.

We spent the day having a wonder around, picked up a couple of things from the Disney Store and Primark. Had a Starbucks and I thought I’d be adventurous and try the cereal latte, biggest mistake ever. Luckily Corey had a strawberries and cream frappe and like how my drink tasted so we swapped drinks. That taught me!

Once we had a wonder around we went to the holiday to check in and get ready. We stayed at the Travelodge in Piccadilly Gardens. If we still in Manchester this is our go to hotel it is only a 7-10 minute walk from Piccadilly station, if you get a room at the front of the building you get to overlook to fountains and all the shops are within a 1 minute walking distance. For the price we paid for the night the room was lovely. Very comfy kingsize bed, mirror, tv, kettle, rail and around 7 hangers. Bathroom with a shower that was roomy. The only downsides were that there wasn’t a lot of light in the room and neither were there a lot of plugs and one of them didn’t work. If we were staying longer than a night this may have been something we may have thought of talking to staff about  but as we didn’t spend long in the room it wasn’t a massive issue.

Four our meal, we went to somewhere we haven’t been before which was the slug and lettuce. Honest this place was amazing and if you haven’t been I would highly recommend. They had an offer on burgers and a drink for £7, 2 for 1 on cocktails ( as long as you had the same ones.) We were given a free bottle of prosecco which was so lovely and happy Mondays also meant half price as well! Couldn’t fault the food or the service. For dessert we had 3 for £7, all the dessert were small portions and this way if there is more than you, you save money or like your like me and Corey we thought we’d try a couple of things.

A couple of months prior to us going to Manchester Corey found a deal Cloud 23 we’re doing and booked us in for a glass of Champagne each and nibbles that also entitled us to a window seat. I think this is the third year in a row we have come here. Our fav place, great atmosphere and lovely drinks. Although they are on the pricey side.

All in all we had an amazing night.

Has anyone gone anywhere for a special date?


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