January Glossy Box


I’ve been subscribed to Glossy box since around August last year. I enjoyed every box I’ve  received. If you didn’t know Glossy box is a subscription box service. It costs £10 a month plus £3.99 delivery. Includes anything from makeup to skin care and much more in the middle.

Personally I feel like Januarys box was my least favourite. Most of the months have a theme to items in the box – Januarys was Beauty Resolutions.  The products in the box can vary to what is advertised but the main item ( that is usually worth the most) is the same for each box. I had a box where some the items varied to what was in the leaflet that comes with every box to explain what is in the box.

The one item I was looking forward to I didn’t receive in my box. I received the same brand but I got a body butter instead of a facial wash. I also got a foundation applicator, a hair mask an eyeliner and an hyaluronic acid face and eye cream.

Even though I was slightly disappointed with one of the items I will always find these boxes affordable and worth the price.


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