What I’ve given up for Lent?


Each year I give something up for Lent. The past years it’s been things like chocolate, takeaways fizzy but this year I decided to spice things up.

For lent this year I’ve give up Facebook. Although I’m a couple of days in I’m not missing it at all, which is something I’m surprised at. The reason for giving Facebook up is that I found that I spend way to much time on it. When I woke up I’d go on Facebook, spend countless hours watching videos and whatever else. Honestly Lent has come at a good time as well, especially since I have major deadlines coming up for my final year at uni, therefore the less distractions I have the better.

I’m hoping by the end of Lent I’m not going to feel the need to constantly go on it, I could totally shock myself and never download it back to my phone but I guess we will have to see. Start placing your bets now.

Have you given up anything for lent and if so what was it?

L x




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