Glossy Box March Review.

Yes okay before anyone says anything I know this is late. I guess better late than never right?

The theme of March’s box was empowerment. All the items in the box are from a handful of the many empowering and inspirational people that started their business from nothing. Which I think is pretty cool.

Anyway there is a nice selection of products like always. The main item was a Belle Pierre kiss proof creme. At first I was a little hesitant of the colour but when I tried it on I loved it.

It isn’t a colour I’d go to wear everyday but definitely a colour I’ll be wearing throughout the summer. As well much to Corey’s delight it is kiss proof like it says.

I wouldn’t say the hydrating mist is anything amazing but it does feel nice and refreshing on the skin.

The lip plumping balm is nice as it doesn’t sting when on the lips neither does it make your look like stupid, very natural.

The highlighter I haven’t tried on my face but when swatches it comes out of a lovely champagne colour and lastly the all around balm I haven’t tried just yet but I do have some dry skin so I might try it out on that and see how I go!

So that’s March’s Glossy Box round up. Do you have a glossy box subscription and what has been your favourite product?

L x


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