Mental Health Awareness Week.

Today is the start of Mental Health awareness Week. The mental health foundation each year has a topic they focus on and this year it is body image. Which is something myself has played a massive role in my life. In today’s society things like social media have a massive role to play in the way people feel about their bodies. Photoshopping among many other things are helping people to change the way they look. Not only to people is it unhealthy it is so dangerous to these especially vulnerablepeople who try to mimic something that isn’t real.

As a young teenager myself I suffered hard. I would go from not eating, to binging to making myself sick. I lost so much weight, that it made me dizzy, unable to stand and so much more. Even now it’s difficult I have a lose of appetite, I over eat to compensate sometimes. I find it so extremely difficult to eat around people. I compared myself to models and celebrities who may have been altering images, magazine front covers that have been airbrushed and it wasn’t until a couple of years ago I realised how damaging it became to my health.

I want to help break the stigma around these issues that so many people deal with. Please be kind to the people surrounding you, everyone has to deal with something.

L x


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