Happy New Year!

Hello, This year I'm going to try and vlog a little each day, so day one is up. Happy New Year Youtube. Thank you for reading! Lauren.


What I Got For Christmas 2016.

Hello! My what i got for christmas 2016 video is finally up! What I got for christmas 2016 I hope you enjoy watching it! Lauren Facebook, twitter and instagram

First love.

Hey, I just wanted to talk today. This isn't makeup, beauty or media-based but this blog has started to become a little bit of everything. Anyway, have you ever been with someone you never thought you'd be able to be without? I feel like most of us have been there. I was 13/14, stupid and …

Bloglovin and The Blogger Program.

Hey, I am now on these two websites and you can find me at: The blogger program or search Lauren Smith-Martin Blog loving or search Lauren Smith-Martin / mediaandmakeup Thank you for reading! Laurenn x Youtube - Lauren Smith-Martin. ( i only have three videos at the moment) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCF79wyIAUqWpPek0EQx-4oQ Instagram - laarjadee Twitter - @LaarJade Email - mediaandmakeup@outlook.com …

50 Twitter followers! 

Hey,  Yesterday I had a notification saying I had 50 Twitter followers!  Like that's amazing especially since I don't really use Twitter that much at the moment because of college, but hopefully soon I'll get into it.  I just want to thank you all so much for supporting me. I love you all!  Thank you …